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Based on goals defined by SIGBI, SI Cal took up Projects that led to education , empowerment and enabling of opportunities for underprivileged women. Some of the major projects started by the Club, were as follows:

(i)  5 O Project with SI Calcutta started in 1989 in Joka and , still continues to serve the poor rural women . Among other things it achieved full literacy for women in 10 surrounding villages.

(ii)  Sewa Sahayika Project started in 1993, with, It trained young girls as intermediaries between nurses and ayahs. The certificates they received made them eligible to get jobs

(iii)  Prison Project, 1996 where women both criminals and insane non-criminals are incarcerated and doomed for life. SI Calcutta helped these women to learn some skill which they can use, once they are released

(iv)  Toilet Project in Nimpith in 2007 was another success story, SI Calcutta is very proud of.

(v)  Hold My Hand Project in 2009 continues with our partners SI Olympic Rainforest ,providing education to children from low income families.

(vi)  Life Skilled Based Education Project of 2011 focussed on educating vulnerable, slum dwelling young women human rights, health and hygiene, entrepreneurship and financial matters.

(vii)  Project Dignity began in 2014, and continues dealing with public health of rural women, sanitary awareness and building of toilets for rural girls and women. SI East London was one of our supporters.

Operation Flood Relief

A team from SI Calcutta participated in flood relief operations in 3 villages of Pashchim Medinipur District during the devastating floods which engulfed West Bengal in August 2017