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They’ve created a blueprint for success that can be applied to other African markets. With home PC ownership being low, the Nigerian marketplace has become largely mobile phone-based. Jiji’s mobile app has fueled its growth and allowed them to connect and engage with their customers in a cost-effective way. The most challenging part of this project was the lack of access to the Foundation’s founders and key stakeholders. We did the best we could with secondary research on the industry and comparing their past press releases to their current offerings to see what has changed.


Ultimately, we want to drive more awareness of the charity’s mission — Because Music Matters — and increase awareness and engagement. Sidewalk vendors occupy a peculiar place in contemporary urban landscapes. They are ubiquitous in many large cities of the world. Yet, they often maintain ambiguous positions in physical, cultural, political and socioeconomic spaces simultaneously. My dissertation examines the ways camelôs, as vendors are often called in Brazil, navigate the material and symbolic spaces of contemporary São Paulo. The bulk of the dissertation explores how the liminal aspects of their work foster a constant uncertainty in camelôs’ everyday experiences.

Study of lateral spreading in Wufeng during 921JiJi Earthquake.

For Local Businesses, both small and large, marketing has changed drastically in the last decade. Websites, Mobile Apps and Social Networks have completely evolved to allow businesses to reach local consumers with ease. While Print, Radio, and Television advertising can still be effective channels for some types of local businesses, for most small local businesses, free online marketing platforms like Jiji are the perfect sweet spot. In this project, our challenge was to redesign a local non-profit charities website to improve the UI/UX experience for their target audiences — donors/volunteers and benefactors/clients of their services.

Jiji Case Study

For the first time they could rapidly test more than 300 advertising partners and start making smarter buying decisions. Vitalii knew he needed a solution that would unify all their data, and for the first time, give Jiji an accurate view of their User Acquisition activity. In early 2017, Vitalii Sharovarov knew it was time to change JiJi’s approach to attribution.

Customer Journey Mapping

Many of these partners simply weren’t positioned to deal with the Nigerian marketplace. The negotiation, integration, testing, and analytics process is long and complicated. If you want to check the best ad case study of other advertisers related to “Jiji.ng – Nigerian Marketplace”, you can click the name below to view the related report. “Jiji.ng – Nigerian Marketplace” should put ads in the best time period, so that ads get the most value in a limited time.

Jiji Case Study

People who are looking for help, on the other hand, rush to Google for help. Jiji, for some reason, decided colouring was the way to go. And it makes a lot of sense to add coloured labels and backgrounds, considering the structure of their platform. Nonetheless, it is very likely that this is the same reason why a good number of potential buyers may not click on your premium listings. Jiji is easily the most popular online classifieds website in Kenya today.

Missing: Jiji’s Product Demo & Case Studies

Future iterations will build on the design concepts and functionality of this prototype. In order to quickly test our design concepts, we created clickable low-fidelity wireframes so that we could test our theories with potential users. This paper prototyping process helped us think through any potential sticking points before we began developing our clickable prototypes. We were able to quickly adapt our design ideas and determine what works and what ideas needed additional improvements. For example, we determined that we needed to create a chart for donations to allow the user to direct their funds to the parts of the program that they wished to support.

Steamboat men rescue woman lost in Flat Tops for more than 3 days – Summit Daily

Steamboat men rescue woman lost in Flat Tops for more than 3 days.

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This study aims at understanding the dynamics of Street vendors and analyzing the strategies to integrate their everyday businesses into formal urban economies of Arusha and Dar es Salaam cities. Economic empowerment is understood here as the ability of people to improve their income and economic condition. The empirical material in this research is based on 169 interviews conducted among street vendors in the capital of Colombia, the city of Bogotá, during July and August of 2012. The city of Bogotá experienced an Jiji Case Study interesting shift in the regulation of street vending from drastic prohibition and frequent evictions to alternative regulations that supported informal vendors . After looking at the impact of formalization on the economic empowerment of the vendors, this research was able to observe a small increase in the vendors’ income. However the increase was not because of access to formal credit, as stated by the theory of formalization but instead due to the ability of the vendors to improve their working conditions.

Office 365 Productivity Hackathon

The Behavior directory holds all the Php Traits used by the Plugin. Basically, they are common behaviours used in unrelated Php Classes. In other words, when you find yourself copy/pasting again and again a functionnality from one Class to another, it might be a good candidate for a Trait. The heart of this plugin is in the AE\Library\Jiji\Console namespace.

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South Korea’s chip ambitions threaten big environmental toll.

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When it comes to funding being cut for Arts Programs in schools — like music programs, our respondents felt strongly that those programs should not be cut from school budgets. However, they were not compelled to support charitable programs to support music in schools because they felt that there were more pressing needs to be met, like homelessness, hunger and childhood diseases. Through a series of one-on-one interviews and an online survey, we learned that potential donors and volunteers are drawn to organizations in which they have a personal connection to themselves or a family member. The biggest challenges they face when deciding on a charity to support is understanding how their donation is being used and what the donation/volunteer opportunities are with the charity. Jiji Ugboma is the founder of Clever-ish Magazine, a digital publication and resource dedicated to helping young people navigate their quarter-life crisis and mental health.

The Quarter-Life Crisis and Changing Career Paths with Jiji Ugboma

On Jiji’s platform, I noticed that it took me several minutes to navigate to where I could browse the products the had to offer. I investigated two firms carrying out similar activities. Due to lack of time, I couldn’t do further investigations. The research was based on their website and how they created their platform to meet user needs and means of navigation through their site. To help sellers of these products in various cities reach out to a wider market.

From this perspective, underdetermination in a given subject of inquiry is a matter of interplay between background assumptions and reliability or success criteria. In this paper I discuss underdetermination in causal inference along this line. In particular I will analyze several success criteria that can be applied to causal inference from statistical regularities. The criteria center on the notions of consistency in mathematical statistics. For each criterion I present its epistemic implication in terms of simple conditions under which the criterion cannot possibly be met. I then investigate which of the familiar principles and their variants in the literature, if adopted as background assumptions, are sufficient to overcome different levels of underdetermination induced by the success criteria.

  • Our research uncovered a simple truth — The Gift of Music Foundation is failing to make a connection with donors who do not have a close connection to school music programs.
  • Many cities in both Global North and South experience mushrooming of informal street vending as a livelihood strategy of most of the urban poor.
  • Their tier packages go for as low as Ksh 450 per week!
  • Before designing an ad copy, “Jiji.ng – Nigerian Marketplace” can learn competitors how to write a good ad copy.
  • Discover Jiji.ng alternatives or similar companies to benchmark and competitors’ market analysis.
  • Through a series of one-on-one interviews and an online survey, we learned that potential donors and volunteers are drawn to organizations in which they have a personal connection to themselves or a family member.

Our customer journeys follow different paths so we created a different mapping for our donors, volunteers and clients (parents/students). Mona Wells is a potential volunteer who recently moved to the area and wants to share her music talents with at-risk children. Bryon Liaco is a client that would be a benefactor of The Gift of Music Foundations services for his children.

Jiji Case Study

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