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  Legal Lessons for Young Women

It is well documented, that in India, violence against women in various forms is prevalent amongst the weaker sections of society. Women are intimidated by their vulnerable position in a patriarchal society, as well as ignorance of laws in their favour.

In order to address the need for awareness in this direction, SI Calcutta organised a Legal Awareness Camp in October 2015 at Sujata Devi Vidyamandir (a school for underprivileged girls ) for the senior students and their parents . This was held in collaboration with Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College, Kolkata. The Camp was facilitated by the faculty and students of the College as well as a panel of local advocates. We are proud to note here that the project was selected for a SIGBI Programme Award 2016 for Violence and Conflict Resolution.

In view of the success of the programme, a second programme was held in April 2017 for the senior students of Lake School for Girls. A third Legal Awareness Programme was held on 26th August 2017 for the undergraduate students of Heramba Chandra College, Kolkata 700029 in collaboration once again with the faculty and students of Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College, Kolkata. At the workshop, initially, the participants were introduced to recourses available to them when faced with issues such as ragging, sexual harassment, molestation, cyber crimes, acid attacks, rape, domestic violence and divorce, etc. They also learnt how to file a complaint at a police station regarding any criminal offence. Most people, particularly students, are generally apprehensive about approaching the police for any help.

The participants took a keen interest in the information provided to them, and had several queries regarding their individual problems. Awareness was thus created amongst the students regarding the need to take action to resolve the gender related issues which they face in their everyday lives. They also learnt about the legal process available for conflict resolution, & gained knowledge about the institutions from where they may seek free help if required.